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Cholesterol Problems

High cholesterol occurs when there is too much or an unhealthy balance of cholesterol in the blood. Your body needs some cholesterol for healthy functioning but too much is dangerous to your health. High cholesterol has no symptoms. The only way to find out if you have high cholesterol is to get tested with a simple blood test. High cholesterol is treated with lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and medications. Untreated high cholesterol increases the risk for heart and blood vessel disease, including heart attack and stroke.

The goal of treatment for high cholesterol is to lower cholesterol levels into the healthy ranges to reduce the risk of heart disease. High cholesterol is treated with lifestyle changes, special diets, and medications. Your doctor will make specific recommendations for you based on the results of your lipid profile.

Meet Our Physicians

Our physicians are unlike any other doctors you've ever met because they have unique approaches to family medicine. Our doctors come from different cultural backgrounds (the American South and West Africa), treat patients as the unique individuals they are, and focus on preventing illness.